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|Nobø Energy Control

NOBØ  Energy Control is a wireless power management system that allows you to have complete control of your home's heating system using a smart-phone or tablet.  NOBØ  Energy Control was technically developed by the Norwegian company with the ultimate goal of lower energy consumption, combined with higher heating comfort for the whole family. Simple and easy.

Reduce consumption by up to 25%

The NOBØ  Energy Control application allows you to control the consumption of NOBØ  radiators easily and quickly at any time. The app for iOS and Android is really simple to use.  You will be able to create heating programs, tailored to your lifestyle and family schedules. Imagine being able to remotely control when the heating is turned on and off!  With the NOBØ  Energy Control you can reduce heating costs by up to 25%. Turn on or off the NOBØ  radiators, lower the temperature of the rooms you are not using, check the temperature with one application, wherever you are in the world.  

NOBØ Energy Control - how does it work?

NOBØ  Energy Control. Control your heaters through wi-fi
Nobo Energy Control wi-fi έλεγχος θερμοπομπών
NOBØ Energy Control
01 | Nobø Energy Control App

The absolute control in space heating

The NOBØ  Energy Control application allows you to organize the heaters in zones. One zone can be for example the bedrooms, another zone the living room, etc.  In addition, for each zone you can set a separate weekly heating program that suits the family’s daily schedule. This will ensure that your home is heated when you need it and depending on when each zone is used. You can, for example, set the bedroom zones to heat up during the night. Finally, for each zone separately you can set different temperatures for different time periods of the day In short, the NOBØ  Energy Control app gives you the flexibility to easily customize the operation of NOBØ  radiators to suit your needs.

NOBØ Energy Control
NOBØ Energy Control
02 | Nobø EcoHub

EcoHub is the heart of NOBØ  Energy Control

NOBØ  EcoHub is the heart of the smart NOBØ  Energy Control heating ecosystem, created to reduce energy consumption and maintain the ideal temperature at home or office.  Fully control your radiators and other appliances with the smart NOBØ  Energy Control app.

  • Tested solution for electric heating.
  • Wireless communication with all connected devices.
  • Easy to use application for smartphones & tablets.
  • Ideal for remote control of holiday homes.
03 | Thermostats compatible with NOBØ  Energy Control
NOBØ Energy Control
Nobø NCU 1R

Simple control to adjust comfort temperature. Designed for use with NOBØ   Energy Control, but can also be used without a control system.


NOBØ θερμοστάτης NCU 2R
Nobø NCU 2R

For setting comfort temperature, economy temperature and local override. Clear display with background illumination showing temperature and status. Intended for use with NOBØ   Energy Control, but can also be used without a control system.

NOBØ θερμοστάτης

Ideal for hotels, boarding houses, Airbnb, kindergardens, schools and other buildings and rooms, as there is no control over the body. The temperature setting is only possible centraly. Intended for use exclusively in conjunction with NOBØ  Energy Control.

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