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|Clip On glass - Norwegian design at its best

NOBØ  heaters have a lifespan of more than 20 years.  Undoubtedly, the modern, simple Norwegian design is recognizable and stands out. NOBØ  always strives to further develop the design, offering practical and innovative solutions. In recent years, the design of electric glass radiators has become more and more widespread.  NOBØ was a pioneer in this development [Safir model] and our customers' comments were clear: They want flexibility in design and color, without having to commit for more than 20 years. With that in mind, the idea of ​​Clip On Glass was born.  

Unique NOBØ design proposal

Even with today’s modern electric radiators, you may want to try something new. NOBØ  offers you the smart solution of Clip On Glass, an elegant glass facade that completely changes the aesthetics of your room in a few seconds.

Clip On Glass is a really simple, flexible, modern solution.  NOBØ  pioneers again by creating a facade of high quality glass, which can be replaced in the future with a different color!  Clip On Glass fits the NOBØ  NTL4T Top Outlet and NOBØ  NTL2N Slimline radiators and can be easily installed in seconds without the need for tools. The result is a clean and elegant surface, easily changing to new colors. Clip On Glass is a unique product on the market and is available in three colors: anthracite gray, retro blue and white.


Clip On glass Anthracite

Retro Blue

Clip On glass RETRO BLUE


Clip On glass WHITE NOBO

The solution to monotony with one click!

We use safety glass, which has undergone extensive testing to ensure that it is safe to use indoors. It should be underlined that the Clip On Glass reduces the temperature on the surface of the radiator, offering even greater safety to children and pets. Remove the Clip on Glass façade if you are tired of it and you will have the classic, minimal look of the NOBØ  radiator on your wall again.

Clip On glass by NOBO.


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