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We welcome you to the official webpage for the Nobo electric heaters. We invite you to explore the many advantages of Nobo electric heaters. Convectors that are distinguished for their quality of construction, low power consumption, healthy heating and safe operation. To our Nobo clients, we thank you for your commitment to Nobo. For those considering purchasing Nobo heaters, we hope that this website will help you in the decision making process and we thank you in advance for your time.

Nobo heaters - premium electric heater efficiency

Electric heaters Nobo remain synonymous with quality, reliability, and healthy heating. In the Nobo heaters range you will not find cheap or expensive models, electronic or mechanical thermostats. Nobo space heaters have all the technology that the company is constantly evolving. Nobo thermostats are always electronic with a precision of 0.05C ° deviation, cold-shielded aluminum heating element, perfect finishing, electrostatic powder coating Jotun.

When you buy a Nobo heater, you know that you are buying a high quality product, manufactured and tested to a high standard. Nobo remains a constant guarantee of quality and reliability in electric heating. Electric heater efficiency at its best!

New models

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Nobo designed the NTL4T Top Outlet [Ecodesign]. Available at both 20cm and 40cm height, the heater features the new Nobo NCU 2Te digital thermostat, with 9 pre-set operating modes. New minimal design, even lower temperature on the surface for greater safety. 7 year warranty from Sani hellas.

In 1938 Nobo launches the first electrical heater

Along the shores of the Trondheim fjord and in the valley of Stjør, you will find the City of Stjørdal (dal = valley). It is in Stjørdal that both the design and manufacturing of Nobo heaters takes place, leveraging from past manufacturing traditions since the original factory's opening in 1918. Even though our factory is highly modernized to today's standards, we still employ the same simple Norwegian and Nobo philosophy of utilizing quality heater components sourced from local environments. That is why steel from Scandinavia and the finest stains from Norway are key components, contributing to the superior quality and unmatched product lifetimes. Add to the fact that innovation and design are two major elements in every Nobo Heater, we are truly grateful that you have chosen a Premium product that will provide you with a lifetime of heating comfort.

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NOBO electric heaters 7 year warranty

Nobo electric heaters | Quality guaranteed

Sani hellas, as the official and exclusive agent of Nobo in Greece, provides a 7-year guarantee exclusively for all imported Nobo models that have been purchased from the official distribution network nationwide. Following a Nobo directive, in order to protect our customers and to continue to provide prompt service, Nobo heaters that are purchased through parallel importation channels will not be guaranteed by the official dealer.

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