NOBØ electric heaters

NOBØ electric heaters

NOBØ heaters | tradition in electric heating

NOBØ is an international market leader in manufacturing quality electric radiators since 1938 has been manufacturing quality electric radiators since 1938 and remains a pioneer in electric heating and heating control systems. With millions of electric heaters sold over the decades, Nobø’s extensive experience in manufacturing and developing state-of-the-art heating products is aknowledged to be worldwide. NOBØ products are developed for the demanding Scandinavian climate and of course to provide the maximum user experience.

premium quality in electric heating

NOBØ radiators remain synonymous with quality, reliability and healthy heating. In NOBØ radiators you will not find cheap or expensive series, electronic or mechanical thermostats. NOBØ radiators have all the technology that the brand is constantly developing.

NOBØ radiators come always always with electronic precision space thermostat with a deviation of only ± 0.05C °. They have cold resistance shielded in aluminum, perfect finish, electrostatic powder paint Jotun. When you buy a NOBØ radiator, you know you are buying an immortal high quality product, made and tested to high standards. NOBØ remains a constant guarantee of quality and reliability in electric heating. Same and unparalleled quality for the last… 85 years.

minimal clearances

NOBØ heaters conceal the heat outlet vents behind the front panel, removing visual clutter and blending in against your wall. This clever design also means NOBØ panel heaters can be installed almost anywhere , including behind furniture, where others may not work effectively.

safe operation

NOBØ is the child friendly choice, featuring lower surface temperatures and no exposed heat outlets on the front of the heater, it makes it harder for young ones to insert their fingers or any other objects. NOBØ heaters be easily and safely installed into most household applications. NOBØ heaters are approved for use in bathrooms with an IP24 splash proof rating.

To celebrate 100 years of life, NOBØ designed the NTL4T Top Outlet convector [Ecodesign]. Available in both 20 cm and 40 cm height, the heater features the new NOBØ NCU 2Te digital thermostat, with 9 pre-installed operating programs. New minimal design, even lower body surface temperature for greater safety. Same quality with 7 year warranty from Sani hellas.


What is NOBØ Concept?

  • Remote adjustment of the heat temperature.
  • Arrange the space heaters in zones, ex. bedrooms.
  • Separate programming per zone.
  • Weekly programming per day of the week.
  • NOBØ Energy Control application for iOS and Android.
NOBØ Concept

What is NOBØ Concept?

The NOBØ Concept is an ecosystem with heating products and a control system that both saves electricity and makes your day easier and more comfortable. With the unique NOBØ EcoHub, you have full control over your electric heating in the user-friendly Nobø Energy Control app. With the unique NOBØ EcoHub, you can have full control of your electric heating through the easy-to-use NOBØ Energy Control app.

  • Remote adjustment of the heat temperature.
  • Arrange the space heaters in zones, ex. bedrooms.
  • Separate programming per zone.
  • Weekly programming per day of the week.
  • NOBØ Energy Control application for iOS and Android.
NOBO NCU1R thermostat

NOBØ thermostat NCU

Thermostats that can independently control each radiator, signal receiver thermostats intended for use with NOBØ Energy Control (EcoHub) for remote control and operation programming.



The heart of the NOBØ Energy Control system. With the NOBØ EcoHub you will have a consumption reduction of up to 25% and easy handling of the heating.

NOBØ app

The app for iOS and Android enables you to check the consumption of NOBØ heaters easily and quickly at any time. Remotely control when the space heating comes on and off.

NOBØ pioneers by offering a new dimension in interior design. Clip On Glass is an innovative solution that transforms the look of your panel ovens and your home in a few seconds. You install the clean and elegant glass fronts without tools and since Clip On Glass is not bolted in place, you can easily change the color or remove them completely if you wish. Choose between three timeless colors for your NOBØ NTL4T Top Outlet [ ecoDesign ]. It is a unique design proposal from NOBØ that changes what we have known so far about heating indoor spaces.

Clip On glass NOBO
7-year warranty

Sani hellas offers a 7-year warranty for NOBØ heaters purchased from the official sales network

Child protection

NOBØ heaters have a 14% lower surface temperature and are tolerant even to the touch of a child. ΙΡ24 protection.

Dual Heat

NOBØ radiators are designed to take advantage of both natural flow heating and radiant heat.

Low consumption

NOBØ heaters are equipped with higly precision thermostat with a deviation of only 0.01°C – the most accurate thermostat on the market. Only 0,5W on standby.

Wall Mountable or Portable

NOBØ heaters are equipped with a tilt switch to stop operation if knocked or dropped.

Resistance shielded in aluminum

The warmth emerges from the outlet louvres and simultaneously radiates from the heater’s frontplate throughout the room, heating surfaces and objects around the unit.

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