digital precision thermostat NOBØ space heater

– NOBØ precision thermostat

NOBØ thermostat with weekly programs

The NCU 2Te thermostat is built into every NOBØ NTL4T heater & NTL2N you buy. It is a room thermostat that perceives and reacts to the room temperature instantly and with great accuracy (απόκλιση ± 0,05C°).

Every NOBØ NTL4T & NTL2N heater comes with the digital thermostat NOBØ NCU 2T.

– NOBØ NCU 2Te precision thermostat with programming

NOBØ NCU 2Te precision thermostat

Save money at maximum comfort with precision thermostat

NOBØ precision thermostat: NOBØ heaters series NTL4T are equipped with the high precision thermostat NCU 2Te. It ensures that the right temperature is reached according to the desired temperature that we set.

Each NOBØ NTL4T heater has an NCU 2Te thermostat

The ability to maintain a constant temperature is possible thanks to the accuracy of operation and the immediate response of the thermostat to room temperature. Therefore, you can turn on your NOBØ heater and set the desired temperature once. No need to adjust your settings based on changing weather conditions. Other heating devices without precision thermostats are unable to maintain the desired temperature. The result is the inevitably higher bills.

digital thermostat NOBØ NCU 2T


Pr.1 All day comfort temperature

Pr.2 Economic temperature 12 in the evening until 6 in the morning and comfortable temperature from 6 to 23:00 in the evening and economical until midnight.


– Weekly programming

Choose from nine pre-programmed weekly programs.

The unit is well suited for buildings and rooms where the heat is not controlled by a central system. The NCU-2Te has adaptive start-up, which means that the unit learns when it needs to start heating in order to reach the correct indoor temperature at the desired time. in the event of a power failure, the device has 48 hours of battery backup for selected settings. With nine different heating programs you save money and electricity in a simple way.

Low Consumption

With the NOBØ NCU-2T thermostat you will reduce energy consumption, saving money. The NCU 2Te has a built-in LED display with an easy-to-use touch function. NCU 2Te meets the requirements of the Ecodesign directive.

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NOBØ NCU 2Te user manual

NOBØ Energy Control

NOBØ Energy Control

Bigger Money Savings | Smart-phone control

To save even more money and remotely control your heating with NOBØ radiators, read more about NOBØ Energy Control

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