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NOBØ offers a complete range of products for safe and economical heating of the bathroom. NOBØ bathroom heaters and Dimplex electric towel rails are reliable heating options for your bathroom, with IP24 certification and protection against water vapor and water splashes.
NOBØ Bathroom Heaters

bathroom heaters

Bathroom heating with NOBØ heaters is a common solution for safe, reliable and quality heating. You can heat your bathroom quickly at any time of the day. NOBØ heaters are designed for safe installation in the bathroom area. They are IP24 certified.

  • Electronic – digital space thermostat
  • Weekly programming
  • Possibility to connect to NOBØ Energy Control
  • Built-in overheating protection
  • Connection voltage: ~ 230 V. 50 Hz
  • Protection rate: IP 24
  • Power: 500 to 2000 W
  • Height: 200/400 mm
  • Models NTL4T | NTL2N | NUL4T
  • NOBØ Bathroom Heating

    electric towel rail Dimplex TRP 100

    The Dimplex TRP 100 towel rail is available in two versions:

    – TRP 100 W white
    – TRP 100 M with mirror front (never fades, as the mirror surface is heated).
    Electric towel rail / radiator with towel bars.
    With an extremely elegant design, the TRP 100 bathroom radiator offers a uniform and immediate heating of the space. Towel mounting bars are height-adjustable and can also be removed if necessary.

    • Equipped with electronic room temperature control for extremely accurate control.
    • Energy saving operation with permanent temperature control.
    • Smart programming: Ways to operate weekly, frost protection or return timer ensure that heating is always done as required.
    • Open window detection mode.
    • EcoStart mode
    • Built-in overheating protection
    • Connection voltage: ~ 230 V. 50 Hz
    • Protection category: IP 25
    • Class II
    • Power: 1000 W
    • Dimensions: Height: 1088 mm / Width: 465 mm / Depth: 113 (250) mm
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