Nobo safe electric heaters with low surface temperature. Best heater for child's room

Safe electric heaters by Nobo Norway

Safe electric heaters

“Safety First” is the trademark in every Nobo heater. All Nobo heaters are tested and certified by NEMKO in compliance with international standards. NEMKO certification of all Nobo products is vital in ensuring our commitment to safety.As for heater components, all Nobo heaters are equipped with a safety cut-off solution. This turns the heater off if air outlets or inlets are covered or, if for any other reason, the temperature inside the heater is very high. Further, and of key importance, is that our thermostat housing and plastic components are made of fire retardant material. Nobo low surface temperature heaters!

Low surface temperature heaters

Nobo heaters are designed to guarantee the low surface temperature on the metallic surface, even when the heater is working efficiently for the heating of the room.In addition, airflow, combined with the harmonic power / body ratio, prevents overheating of the outer surface of the body. In this way, even in Comfort (maximum) performance, the external surface of the heater does not develop high temperatures and is tolerable even at the touch of the child's hand. The maximum surface temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Especially important for the safety of children. Finally, Nobo electric heaters with rounded corners become a friendly fitting in the home environment. Providing both PREMIUM comfort and safety, protects your valuable assets. Best heater for child's room!

Bathroom heaters

Nobo heaters can be safely placed in the bathroom. They are double Classe II and have Splash proof protection. The only limitation is that form the bathtub or shower one can not touch the heater (which is valid of all electrical appliances).