NOBØ heater models

NOBØ NTL4T price list

NOBØ NTL4T (ecoDesign) 400 mm. height

ModelPowerHxWxD mm.Weight (kg)
NTL4T 05500w400x525x553,52
NTL4T 07750w400x625x554,12
NTL4T 101000w400x725x554,72
NTL4T 121250w400x925x555,95
NTL4T 151500w400x1025x556,52
NTL4T 202000w400x1125x557,37
- protrudes 90 mm. from the wall
NOBØ NTL2N price list

NOBØ NTL2N (ecoDesign) 200 mm. ύψος

ModelPowerHxWxD mm.Weight (kg)
NTL2N 07750w200x1025x554,02
NTL2N 101000w200x1325x554,87
NTL2N 121250w200x1525x555,45
- protrudes 90 mm. from the wall
NOBØ NTL4T price list

NOBØ NUL4T2 (Compact) 400 mm. ύψος

ModelPowerHxWxD mm.Weight (kg)
NUL4T2 05500w400x425x903
NUL4T2 151500w400x625x904
NUL4T2 202000w400x925x906.6
NUL4T2 242400w400x925x906.6
- protrudes 115 mm. from the wall
Nobo heater NTL4T castors feet

Castors feet NOBØ

Make your heater mobile

In general, heaters are mounted on the wall. This is their natural place. However, there are cases where there is no space available on the wall. In this case, NOBØ   provides the possibility of placing the heaters on castors feet. Making your NOBØ   heater mobile does not lower its efficiency, operating quality and safety.

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