Nobo convectors

Nobo models

Nobo convectors models

Nobo convectors NTE4S [ ecoDesign ] Compact (40 cm. height)

θερμοπομποι νορβηγιας Nobo μοντέλα, NTE4S
NTE4S 05500W40 x 52,5 x 5,5
NTES4S 101000W40 x 72,5 x 5,5
NTES4S 121250W40 x 92,5 x 5,5
NTES4S 151500W40 x 102,5 x 5,5
NTES4S 202000W40 x 112,5 x 5,5

Nobo convectors C2F Slimline (20 εκ. height)

θερμοπομπος Nobo C2N, θερμοπομποι νορβηγιας νοβο
C2N 07750W20 x 102,5 x 5,5
C2N 101000W20 x 137,5 x 5,5
C2N 121250W20 x 157,5 x 5,5
C2F 151500W20 x 177,5 x 5,5

In general, heaters are mounted on the wall. This is their natural place. However, there are cases where there is no space available on the wall. In this case, the Nobo provides the possibility of placing the heaters in a footrest with wheels. The placement of Nobo heaters on castors feet does not lower the efficiency, operating quality and safety of the heater.

θερμοπομποί Nobo μοντέλα, Nobo NTE4S

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